802.11ax support

WinFi supports 802.11ax Draft 4.1.

Or it didn't happen

Export networks or scans to PCAP.

Session recording

Auto session recording up to 14 days.

Perfect for quick Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

Your dreams of doing Wi-Fi analysis while mobile have come true. WinFi and a Windows 10 tablet of your choice, makes convenient on-the-go analysis.

Familiar element decoding.

No steep learning curve. WinFi leverages familiar structure and naming guidelines found in Wireshark.

Networks are analyzed for standards violations and malformed elements. WinFi will let you know if there are inconsistencies.

Plus, you can open networks from WinFi directly in Wireshark.

Outstanding grouping, filtering and sorting capabilities.

WinFi has powerful and best in class grouping, filtering and sorting capabilities.

Group, filter and sort by any information you want.

Set filter and grouping thresholds for signal values, use regular expressions for text searches, and much more.

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