Installation Error

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Installation Error

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First of all, thanks for a great piece of software - especially loving the "Amendments" column, such a great feature!

Whilst installing WinFi on a corporate Windows 10 build, the system initially objected due to AppLocker restrictions (no certification, which I know is on the way) but WinFi installed okay when using admin privs. However, the following error was displayed at the end of the installation sequence:

IPersistFile::Save Failed; code 0x80070002
The system cannot find the file specified.

After pressing [Okay], the WinFi application launched and worked perfectly but no icons were created in the Start Menu.

Hope this helps and thanks again


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Re: Installation Error

Post by helgekeck »

maybe some restrictions for your corporate mashine, difficult to say. must have something to do with Inno Setup
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